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7:30 pm            Welcome and Opening Remarks
                         Rev. Edmund J. Dobbin, O.S.A.
    President, Villanova University.

                        Chairs:  John D. Caputo
                                  Michael J. Scanlon, O.S.A.
                         Villanova University

Speaker:        Geoffrey Bennington
                         Emory University

    " ' Time -- for the truth' :  Augustine, Derrida, Lyotard"

                         Response by Jacques Derrida

9:15 pm            RECEPTION
                         Presidents’ Lounge, Connelly Center


9:00 am             Chair:   Kevin Hughes
                         Villanova University

                         Speaker: Jean Bethke Elshtain
                          University of Chicago

                         "What's Political About Augustine?"

10:30                COFFEE

10:45                Chair:  Thomas Busch
                        Villanova University 

                        Speaker: Richard Kearney
                         Boston College and University College, Dublin
                      "Time, Evil and Narrative Identity: Ricoeur’s Reading of Augustine"

12:15 pm         LUNCH

1:45                 Chair:  Daniel Doyle, O.S.A.
                        Villanova University

                        Speaker: Elizabeth A. Clark
                        Duke University

                        "On Not Retracting the Unconfessed"

3:15                  COFFEE

3:30                 Chair:  Thomas Martin, O.S.A.
                        Villanova University

                        Speaker: James J. O’Donnell
                        University of Pennsylvania

                        "What Augustine Did Not Confess"

5:00                  COFFEE

5:15                 Chair: Roland Teske, S.J.,
                        Marquette University
                        Visiting Chair of Augustinian Studies, Villanova University

                        Speaker: Mark Vessey
                        University of British Columbia
                        Canada Research Chair in Literature / Christianity and Culture

                         "What is Literature? On a Confession of Jacques Derrida"


9:30 am           Chair:   Barbara Wall
                        Villanova University

                        Speaker: Philippe Capelle
                        Institut Catholique de Paris

                       "Heidegger: Reader of Augustine"

11:00                COFFEE

11:15               Chair:  Kevin Hart
                        Monash University
                        Visiting Professor of Christian Philosophy, Villanova University

                        Speaker: Catherine Malabou
Université de Paris, Nanterre

"The Form of an I: Derrida’s Circumfession"

12:45 pm         LUNCH

2:30                  Chair:   Sarah-Vaughan Brakman
                        Villanova University

                        Speaker: Hent de Vries
                         Universiteit van Amsterdam

                        "Instances:  temporal modes in Augustine, Lyotard, and Derrida"

4:00                 COFFEE

4:15                 Chairs:  John D. Caputo
                                      Michael J. Scanlon, O.S.A.
                        Villanova University

                        Roundtable with Jacques Derrida on "Circumfession"


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