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    Graduate students and faculty work on collaborative projects

    Graduate and undergraduate students work in the laboratory

    Located in CEER 214, the Microwave Electromagnetics Laboratory is the focal point for education and research in the radio frequency (RF) range up through X-band in the microwave regime (1-12,000 MHz). Research and education activities span the realm of low power and high power design for receivers and transmitters in this frequency range. Both discrete, hybrid and fully integrated RF and microwave solutions to current problems.

    The educational goal of the laboratory is to provide students with the opportunity to experience the full range of RF and microwave design flow, from idea to simulation to fabrication and finally test. We hope to achieve this goal by introductory work using traditional, manual analog microwave measurement techniques to fully automated measurements using more contemporary equipment.

    The group consists of Ph.D, M.S. and B.S. level researchers and research assistants performing basic and applied research. The laboratory is led by Dr. Robert H. Caverly, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering at Villanova University.