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    Bacterial fermentation suite

    A bioreactor in the cell culture suite

    A generous donation from Mr. Gerald A. White in 2006 allowed for the renovation and expansion of the Bioprocessing laboratory in the Chemical engineering building. The recent renovations are substantial: the working area has been more than doubled, the ventilation system has been expanded and upgraded, new cabinets with stainless steel countertop have been added along with additional utility supply lines for the equipment, and a high-grade chemical and slip resistant floor has been installed.

    The area consists of four adjacent but isolated suites (rooms). The cell culture suite contains two stainless steel steam-in-place bioreactors, an incubator and laminar flow hood; and is used to grow Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells that produce monoclonal antibodies (mABs). The fermentation suite contains two additional fermentors, and another incubator and laminar flow hood; and is used to grow E. Coli cells which produce DNA plasmids. The cells are separated and lysed, and the bio-products are collected, in the isolation suite, containing a state-of-the-art; Gaulin homogenizer, CARR centrifuge and Millipore filter. The general-purpose suite is used for a variety of larger scale research including mixing and aeration of bioreactors, purification via chromatography and other biotechnology projects.