Biomass Resources & Conversion Technologies Laboratory (BRCT) - Villanova University


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    The new Villanova's Biomass Resources & Conversion Technologies (BRCT) education, research and development program, homes in the Chemical Engineering Department, is developed to be part of the required interdisciplinary collaborative ("mission oriented" and "exploratory") efforts in developing successful systems for utilizing biorenewable materials to produce energy, liquid fuels and chemical products, that at present time are still primarily derived from non-renewable carbon resources. Within the 'Supply-chain' of biomass utilization systems, BRCT's efforts are focused on:

    Scenes from the BRCT Lab
    1. Improvement of Biomass Qualities and Biorefinery Feedstocks
    2. Energy densification of Biomass by Liquefaction
    3. Utilizing/Upgrading Liquefied Biomass (BCO)
    4. Sustainability and Techno-economics Assessments of Biomass Utilization Systems

    The BRCT is located in Room 314 and 320 of the Chemical Engineering Building on Villanova University's campus. It opened its doors on August 1st, 2010. This laboratory is part of the Villanova College of Engineering's commitment to continuing research in the most cutting-edge fields.

    The group consists of graduate and undergraduate research assistants from varying engineering disciplines at Villanova University, headed by Dr. Justinus Satrio.

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