venetian glass mirror Venetian Table Mirror Exhibited at the Centennial
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Historical Register of the Centennial Exhibition


Texts of Presentations by Participants in the Centennial Project

  • The Centennial Exhibition: 
    Student-Based and Cyber-Spaced
    Charlene Mires
    Nineteenth Century Studies Association,
    "Nineteenth Century Spectacles," March 20, 1999 
  • The Centennial in Cyberspace
    Charlene Mires, Nicholas Biello, and John Keigher 
    Middle Atlantic American Studies Association,
    "American Studies for a New Millenium,"
    April 17, 1999 
  • Object Lessons:
    Material Culture on the World Wide Web
    Charlene Mires and Kathleen Cohrs 
    American Association for History and Computing,
    "How Computers Will Transform Teaching and Learning,"
    April 24, 1999