The Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology (EMB) Laboratory is engaged in research and education in the applied microbiology area as it relates to biological processes of environmental engineering.
Specific areas of interest include public health microbiology (microbial water quality and microbial source tracking) and biological processes for waste management (anaerobic processes and biofuel from waste).
The EMB, led by Dr. Metin Duran, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, was established in the fall of 2002 and since then it has been the home for one PhD, 12 master's students and 16 undergraduate students.

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The members of the EMB strive for excellence in research and

they believe in the utmost importance of disseminating their

findings through publications in various venues.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

1. Taskin, B., Gozen, A.G., Duran, M. 2011. "Selective

quantification of viable Escherichia coli in biosolids by

quantitative PCR with propidium monoazide modification",

Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 77(13):4329-4335.

2. Park, C., Bega, A., Unlu, C., Chadderton, R.A., McKean,

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digester could be susceptible to trace metal supplementation",

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3. Duran, M, Yurtsever, D., Dunaev, T. 2009. "Choice of

indicator organism and library size considerations for

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Research Projects


Members of the EMB Laboratory work on a variety of research

projects in the broad field of biological processes of environmental

engineering. The principle goal is to optimize engineered processes

for maximum microbial growth and metabolism and to understand

and quantify behavior of microorganisms in natural and engineered


Please see our Current Research and Completed Projects.