Droplet Impingement and Spray Cooling

Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics in a Liquid Droplet Impinging on a Surface

Enhancement of Heat Transfer to an Impininging Liquid Droplet by Manipulation of its Spreading Characteristics with Surfactants


Flow and Convective Heat Transfer in Jets and Complex Flows

Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics in a Synthetic Impinging Jet over a Heated Surface


Mini and microchannels heat exchangers and cold plates

Experimental and Computational Characterization of Water Cooled Multi-Layer Mini-Channel Heat Sinks in Single Phase Flow

Characterization of Thermodynamic and Hydrodynamic Performance of Water-Cooled Silicon Carbide Milli-Channel Heat Sinks
Biologically Inspired Design of Liquid Cooled Micro/Mini-Channel Heat Exchangers with Scale Variation Suggested by Constructal Scaling Principles

Experiments and Modeling of Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in Mini/Microchannel Heat Exchangers

Optimization of a Micro-Channel Automotive Evaporator Encompassing the use of Cu and its Antimicrobial Properties


Energy Technology 

Advanced Cooling for Concentrated Photovoltaics


Experimental Techniques

Advances in Liquid Crystal Transient Thermal Imaging

High Speed Video Imaging