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Goals for the Office

Effective August 14th 2000, Dr. Barbara Wall, Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences was appointed Special Assistant to the President for Mission, and head the Office for Mission Effectiveness.  In Father Dobbin's announcement, five goals were identified for the new office:
  • To facilitate Villanova University’s focused commitment to living out its mission in every facet of University life;
  • To craft for Villanova University, in collaboration with faculty, students, and staff, an inclusive vision of the Catholic intellectual Tradition, in all its complexity;
  • To provide initiatives that address our Augustinian intellectual and moral heritage, the relationship between faith and reason, and Catholic Social Teaching;
  • To encourage programs and research on contemporary problems, such as "the protection of nature," and the "search for peace and political stability." (Pope John Paul II); and
  • To extend the Augustinian mission and the work of Villanova University in ways which will assure its contribution to the continued social and spiritual transformation of our world.

Implementation Plan

A variety of working committees will be commissioned to assist with the implementation of these goals.  Specification of annual programs, projects and other plans directed toward goal achievement will be posted on the Office for Mission Effectiveness web site.

Click Here for the office's project management matrix.

Annual Reports

The Office for Mission Effectiveness will report annually on its progress on achieving its goals.  For additional information concerning these reports,

Dr. Christopher M. Janosik,
Director for Research and Assessment,
304 Saint Augustine Center, Villanova University, Villanova, PA.
(610) 519-7295.



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