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Occasional Papers

By Members of the Campus Community

Occasional Papers is a regular publication produced by the Office for Mission Effectiveness.  Faculty, staff, and students are invited to reflect on topics or themes relevant to the Catholic mission / Augustinian heritage of the University, and share their perspectives in original compositions of varying length.  Content will be suitable for classroom use and is encouraged.

The goals of this publication are to:

  • facilitate Villanova University’s focused commitment to living out its mission in every facet of University life;
  • provide initiatives that address our Augustinian intellectual and moral heritage, the relationship between faith and reason, and Catholic Social Teaching.

Spring 2007

       Reflections on the Common Good

Fall 2006

       Reflections on Torture

Fall 2005

       Reflections on Iraq

Spring 2005

       Personal Transformations Through Service

Fall 2004

       Faithful Citizenship in an Election Year

Spring 2004

       A Primer on Catholic Social Teaching

Fall 2003

       Perspectives on the Beatitudes

Spring 2003

       Crisis in the Church

Fall 2002

       Religion in the Public Square

Spring 2002

       Service Learning Experiences

Fall 2001

       The Experience of God

Spring 2001

       Personal Transformations      

Fall 2000

       The Nature of Compassion

We welcome suggestions for future issues of Occasional Papers.
Please email


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