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Peace and Justice Resources on the Web

  • Center for Peace and Justice Education 
    Villanova University

  • Augustinian Justice and Peace Office 
    Eastern Province - Villanova, PA

  • Secretariat for Justice and Peace 
    Augustinian Curia - Rome, Italy

    Declaration and Commitment on Racism (2001)
    Declaration on Promotion Human Rights (2000)

    Collection for Personal and Communal Reflection

     Augustine as Father of Christian Political Activism Number 6 - 2000
     The Augustinian Promotion of Justice and Peace Number 5 - 1999
     Divine Love and Human Solidarity  Number 4 - 1998
     Justice in Evangelization and Formation  Number 3 - 1994
     The International Debt  Number 2 - 1993
     Augustine's Option for the Poor  Number 1 - 1992

  • Center for Concern 
    Washington, DC.

    Founded in 1971 by Jesuit Fathers at the request of United States Catholic Conference. Center of Concern is an independent, interdisciplinary organization which offers hope for creating a global society with economic justice for all, and direction to meet the challenges of a new age.

  • Justice Net  

    Justice Net is the electronic networking component, of a USA/Canada Peace and Justice Group affiliated with the International Justice and Peace Commission of the Society of the Sacred Heart.  The site is designed to facilitate communication and collaborative action work among all who wish to participate.

  • Pax Christi - USA 

    Pax Christi USA, the National Catholic Peace Movement strives to create a world that reflects the Peace of Christ by exploring, articulating, and witnessing to the call of Christian nonviolence. 

  • Peace and Justice Studies Association 

    An organization of individuals and of college and university academic programs for the study of peace, conflict, justice, and global security. 

  • Salt of the Earth 

    A monthly on line magazine published by the Claretains. The site includes an extensive collection of documents and related links.

  • Student Peace Action Network 

    A national organization initiated to bring the voices of young activists into leadership in the peace movement.

  • Catholic Justice and Peace Web Ring  

    This Web Ring provides a pathway for pilgrims journeying along the Gospel way of justice and peace.  The site is managed by Robert Waldrop and includes approximately 30 links of varing quality.

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