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The Curriculum Development Workshop
Catholic Social Teaching

The Purpose of the Workshop

To promote the incorporation of Catholic Social Teaching into existing course syllabi and the development of new courses with a significant Catholic Social Teaching component.

Who is Eligible

Full Time Faculty. We welcome scholars without regard to religious belief, and we particularly encourage junior faculty members and younger scholars to apply.


Each summer since 2001, the Office for Mission Effectiveness has sponsored a summer seminar for Villanova University faculty on Catholic Social Teaching. 

Catholic Social Teaching is a humanistic tradition of inquiry.  It transcends our usual categories of conservative and liberal when investigating social, economic, and political reality.  It articulates the dignity and social nature of each person.  Further, it explores how a Christian understanding of the person and society works to improve human institutions and practices. Catholic Social Teaching emanates from a Church coming to grips with the challenges of industrial capitalism.  It examines the importance of values as foundational for professional life and the attainment of the common good.  The vision of a consistent ethic in professional life is a work in progress -- Catholic Social Teaching attempts to provide a foundational methodology for such a consistent ethic.


An April luncheon meeting is provided for all participants and presenters to promote community and provide a common understanding for the workshop.  In May, five daily seminars include Continental breakfast at 8:30 am, followed by a seminar session and lunch, followed by group discussion.


Seminars address the overarching themes of justice, human dignity, war and peace, work, solidarity, and consumption.  Readings from the social encyclicals and related materials will be provided.  Specific topics will be detailed in the announcement and schedule for each workshop.

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