Jet Impingement Cooling

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    jet cooling
    Experimental impinging jet facility and impingement surfaces


    The jet impingement facility is designed to study the fluid mechanics and heat transfer in a wide variety of impinging jets. Air flow from the building air supply passes through a series of flowmeters, to a movable cylindrical plenum. Inside the plenum, the flow is conditioned by a series of honeycomb and screen panels. The nozzle attachment to the plenum accepts a wide variety of interchangeable nozzle designs.

    Many different impingement surfaces have been investigated including impingement on flat plates, protruding pedestals, large cylinders and porous aluminum foams. Characterization of the jet velocity and turbulence intensity is done using a TSI Laser Diagnostics Division IFA 300 Single Channel Research CTA with ThermalPro Software Hot-film system and pressure drop characterization is done using Servoflo pressure gauges with a National Instruments modular compactDAQ.

    This test rig is currently being used to test the design of novel heat sinks fabricated from porous aluminum and carbon foams.