M.S. Candidates

    Kieran Hess

    Kieran Hess  LinkedIn page

    Project: Magnetic Manipulation of Graphite Particles in Phase Change Materials

    Projected Graduation: May 2016

    Isaac Rose

    Isaac Rose  LinkedIn in page

    Project: Warm Water Cooling Storage for Data Center Cooling Applications

    Projected Graduation: May 2016


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    NovaTherm MSME Graduates


    Rebecca Weigand, "Characterization and stabilizations of herringbone-style graphite nanofibers enhanced energy storage materials through thermal cycling."

    Current position: Looking for position  LinkedIn Page


    Anthony Rao, "Installation and Calibration of Thermal Conductivity Testing Equipment." 

    Current position: Application Engineer, KNF Neuburger  LinkedIn Page


    Ryan Ehid, "Development of Shape-Stabilized Nano-enhanced Phase Change Material."

    Current position: Mechanical Program Manager, Avo Photonics


    Ronald Warzoha, "A Computational Study on Novel Thermal Management Techniques for Solid State Current Limiters and Their Optimization in Various Power Loading Schemes and Orientations.”

    Current position: Ph.D. Candidate, Villanova University  LinkedIn Page

    Kireeti Chintakrinda, "An Experimental Investigation into the Transient Thermal Management of Electronics Using Phase Change Materials."

    Current position: Mechanical Packaging Engineer, Varentec  LinkedIn Page

    Omar Sanusi, "An Investigation into the Solidification Effects of Nanoenhanced Phase Change Material."

    Current position: U.S. Naval Officer

    Ravi Yakkatelli, "A Flow Visualization Study of the Jet Dynamics of a Round Jet Impinging on Foamed Aluminum Porous Medium."

    Current position: IT consultant


    Srikanth Challa, "Effects of Proximity on Overheating of Adjacent Devices on Printed Circuit Boards in Forced Convection."

    Current position: MM/WM Consultant, L'Oreal USA  LinkedIn Page


    Patrick Kirby, "Influence of Thermal Wakes in Free and Forced Convection On the Heat Transfer from Heat Generating Devices In Close Proximity On Printed Circuit Boards."

    Current position: Ph.D. Candidate, Drexel University,  LinkedIn Page

    Venugopal Gandikota, "The Fluid Dynamics of Boiling Flow from a Carbon-Fiber Brush Heat Sink and Graphite Foam."

    Current position: Scrum Master/Principal Systems Analyst at Fidelity Investments, LinkedIn Page


    Harish Chengalvala, "Evaluation of a Carbon-Fiber Brush Heat Sink in Two-Phase Boiling Flow."

    Current position: CAD Lead,  ILENSYS,  LinkedIn Page


    Jared Harvest, "Effects of Proximity on Overheating of Adjacent Devices on Printed Circuit Boards."

    Current position: Applications and Support Engineer, Ansys Inc,  LinkedIn Page


    Sharareh R. Nejad, "Jet Impingement Cooling of Heated Plates and Raised Pedestals Representing Microchip Arrangements."

    Current position: Mechanical Engineer, Precis Engineering, LinkedIn Page