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    Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory

    Taken in the first semester of junior year, this 2 credit laboratory class includes a lab and a lecture portion. During the lab the students will be batching, curing and testing concrete at different day and mixture strengths. Other materials tested include wood, masonry units and composite materials. The properties these materials are tested for are yield strength ultimate strength modulus of elasticity and among other properties.

    Structural Engineering Laboratory

    In this one credit lab class students will be designing an experimental test setup to test under and over reinforced concrete beams. Testing steel beams and open web steel joists. The goal of this course is to relate structural behavior to the design methodology.

    Advanced Structural Engineering

    In this three credit elective students work in groups of fours or fives students on a semester long research project. Students work closely with graduate students and faculty members and present their findings in a research report and oral presentation at the end of the semester.

    Service Break Trips

    For civil engineering students who choose the structural engineering capstone project (CEE 4606-001), a trip to Honduras during spring break is a possibility. In this senior course students design a structure for Amigos De Jesus, a home for boys in Honduras. The students would be digging holes, pouring the concrete for the building and many other tasks. For more information.