Faculty and Staff

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    Research Professors

    David Dinehart, Ph.D. 
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    Research: Wood and steel structures subjected to seismic loads

    Shawn Gross, Ph.D.
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    Research: Concrete and steel building and bridge infrastructure

    Frank Hampton, Ph.D. 
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    Research: Structural applications of composite materials

    Leslie McCarthy, Ph.D.  
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    Research: Transportation systems and materials

    Eric Musselman, Ph.D. 
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    Research: Concrete structures and materials, stuctures exposed to blast and impact

    Joseph Yost, Ph.D. 
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    Research: Open web steel joists and bridge monitoring

    Lab Director (610) 519-4955, Lab (610) 519-8985



     George Pappas
     (610) 519-7009
     Lab Technician


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