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Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Inc

216 West Somerset St.
Philadelphia, PA 19133


Congreso de Latinos Unidos (Congreso) located in North Philadelphia, is a very large, community based, non-profit agency founded in 1977 by Puerto Rican activists “concerned with the social and economic conditions of the growing Latino community in Philadelphia”. Congreso’s mission is, “to provide leadership in the development and operation of social, education, economic and health care services and resources that meet the needs of Philadelphia’s Puerto Rican and Latino community. All of Congreso’s programs, services and advocacy efforts are dedicated to empowering members of [the] community to confront and overcome the myriad of problems facing them, and to reclaim the future for their families and their children”. Congreso has five major programmatic divisions: 1) Neighborhood and Family Development 2) Children and Youth Services 3)Education, Training and Employment 4) Health Promotion and Wellness and 5) Behavioral Healthcare.

Personnel from the Children and Youth Services and Health Promotion and Wellness divisions enthusiastically discussed developing a relationship with the Villanova University community. The Behavioral Healthcare division explained that, due to confidentiality, volunteers are not possible.

Opportunities with Congreso might be of special interest to Human Services majors, Education majors, Spanish majors, Sociology majors, Nursing majors (Mommy Cares Program), Peace and Justice minors, Women’s Studies minors and anyone interested in learning more about the Latino population of Philadelphia.

Children and Youth Services

Congreso’s Children and Youth Services Division offers many opportunities for after school homework assistance and mentoring of youth in elementary school through high school. The programs are very structured and incorporate homework help as well as cultural enrichment activities, arts, recreation, writing development, and reading. One on one tutoring assistance for the students is ideal. Bilingual Spanish capability is not necessary for volunteers, but can be utilized if available. The sites are close to each other so a large group of volunteers can come to Congreso and disperse between the programs.

Contact: Melanie Rubinson, Operations and Special Projects Coordinator, ext.1406

Volunteer Opportunities

·         Las Estrellas de Norte del Filadelfai (Philadelphia North Stars) After School Program – work with elementary and middle school students incorporating sports, drama, and art as well as academic enrichment and homework help. There are three locations for this program.

 ·    Futuros After School Program – is a literacy-based program for middle school
    students primarily working to develop the reading, writing and general
    language skills of the students. There are two locations for this program. 

·         REAAP (Reasonable Efforts in Assessment, Access, and Prevention) – work with Middle School children who are on the fringe of trouble. Two sites exist for this program. 

·         One on one high school tutoring possibilities, for students that were involved with Congreso’s after school programs, but whose GPAs are currently falling. 

·         Summer Programs – the after school programs continue through the summer. 

When: Each of the programs takes place Monday through Friday 3 p.m.- 6 p.m.; summer programs run 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 


Congreso requires child abuse clearance, criminal record check, along with identification (license, etc). Congreso will pay for the cost of the clearance and background check, but it is expected that one is committing to at least one semester of consistent volunteering for the agency to do this. Training and orientation will be provided at the central office.

Health Promotion and Wellness

Contact: Nancy Torrez, Department Director: Maternal, Infant and Child Health Services
215.763.8870 ext. 1304,

Volunteer Opportunities

 ·         Mommy Cares 

This program requires a high level of commitment and responsibility as well as Spanish proficiency; Nancy wants to begin with two volunteers initially. Internships are also available.

Mommy Cares is designed to serve low-income, high-risk Latina women in North Philadelphia by offering supportive and educational services to pregnant and postpartum women, caregivers and their children. Volunteers would participate in an intensive training, approximately two hours a week for one month and also including research that could be done at the center or on one’s own. The training would include mock presentations and would prepare volunteers to present in schools throughout North Philadelphia and in other community centers. As well, volunteers may enter neighborhoods to offer education and outreach to pregnant, postpartum and high-risk women.

 When: flexible, approximately 2 hours a week 

·         Alcanza Teen Co-op

This program “seeks to help teenagers prevent unplanned pregnancies through the promotion of abstinence and practicing safer sex and for teen parents to have positive healthy outcomes for themselves and their families”. The teen co-op of Alcanza offers a place for local teenagers to support one another, develop friendships and work on developing themselves through resume building, job searches, college research, tutoring, and even exchanging baby clothes. Volunteers can serve as mentors and tutors.

When: Tuesdays 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 3 p.m.-6 p.m. 
            Thursdays 3:p.m.- 6 p.m.


If interested in applying for a volunteer position, send your resume to:

Gloria Miranda
Congeso de Latinos Unidos, Inc
216 West Somerset Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133

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